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Career stats for Gabe Taylor

RecruiT-Rank (0-100): 0.0

Yr Cls Ht Player Team Conf. G Min% PRPG! ORtg Usg eFG TS OR DR Ast TO Blk Stl FTR FT 2P 3P
2017Jr6-8Gabe TaylorPortlandWCC3184.91.498.718.947.751.
Conf. games:Conf. games:1882.61.398.217.444.449.
Top 100 quality games:Top 100:1081.50.686.318.737.942.
Top 50 quality games:Top 50:779.3-0.478.217.531.836.33.310.63.311.01.71.718.210-12.83318-48.3752-18.111
2016So6-8Gabe TaylorPortlandWCC3152.21.0103.817.
Conf. games:Conf. games:1856.01.6110.116.445.
Top 100 quality games:Top 100:850.32.2114.816.953.858.
Top 50 quality games:Top 50:748.92.7122.416.957.462.17.812.
2015Fr6-8Gabe TaylorPortlandWCC2722.10.6106.115.657.659.25.613.24.720.12.70.921.210-14.71438-66.5760-0.000
Conf. games:Conf. games:1625.40.9111.615.258.759.27.613.63.715.44.00.317.45-8.62527-46.5870-0.000
Top 100 quality games:Top 100:1115.90.194.614.363.262.71.316.
Top 50 quality games:Top 50:618.30.5107.415.772.771.

2018 Play-by-play stats

DUNKS At the rim Other 2-PT 3-Pt Jumpers
Tot Pct. Tot Pct. Ast'ed Tot Pct. Ast'ed Tot Pct. Ast'ed
0-00% 0-00.0%0% 0-00.0%0% 0-00.0%0%