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Career stats for Jonathan Davis

RecruiT-Rank (0-100): 55.0

Yr Cls Ht Player Team Conf. G Min% PRPG! ORtg Usg eFG TS OR DR Ast TO Blk Stl FTR FT 2P 3P
2018Jr6-6Jonathan DavisBaylorB1291.80.1108.217.958.361.85.14.515.
Conf. games:Conf. games:10.30.3106.238.350.
Top 100 quality games:Top 100:20.30.2104.626.
Top 50 quality games:Top 50:10.2-
2017So6-6Jonathan DavisBaylorB12111.20.188.625.542.944.
Conf. games:Conf. games:40.80.7202.011.6100.0100.
Top 100 quality games:Top 100:60.70.4155.319.375.
Top 50 quality games:Top 50:30.70.5143.724.966.766.724.
2013So6-7Jonathan DavisGeorge WashingtonA1061.3-0.176.915.366.766.
Conf. games:Conf. games:30.8-
Top 100 quality games:Top 100:10.3-
Top 50 quality games:Top 50:11.0-
2012Fr6-7Jonathan DavisGeorge WashingtonA10172.3-0.175.413.933.336.
Conf. games:Conf. games:70.9-0.062.925.
Top 100 quality games:Top 100:92.2-0.084.613.533.338.
Top 50 quality games:Top 50:83.0-0.085.414.433.338.

2019 Play-by-play stats

DUNKS At the rim Other 2-PT 3-Pt Jumpers
Tot Pct. Tot Pct. Ast'ed Tot Pct. Ast'ed Tot Pct. Ast'ed
0-00% 0-00.0%0% 0-00.0%0% 0-00.0%0%