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Most similar efficiency profiles to Binghamton 2018 since 2008

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Adj OAdj DAdj T
Team Year Adj O Adj D Adj T Sim Seed Rd
Binghamton 2018 95.2 109.1 67.1 - -
UC Riverside200891.9106.264.30.10-
Coppin St.200890.810664.30.716R68
Morehead St.200892.1107.164.60.70-
Mount St. Mary's201291.4105.364.10.80-
Eastern Illinois201191.3105.86410-
Stony Brook200890.4105.764.310-
SIU Edwardsville201693.7109.567.11.10-
Charleston Southern201091.1107.365.11.30-

Compiled by Bart Torvik from sacred data and secret formulas.