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Most similar efficiency profiles to Boston University 2018 since 2008

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Adj OAdj DAdj T
Team Year Adj O Adj D Adj T Sim Seed Rd
Boston University 2018 98.1 108.6 69 - -
Tennessee Tech201394.3105.965.50.40-
Eastern Kentucky201797.2107.469.20.70-
Cal Poly200996105.366.50.80-
Texas A&M Corpus Chris200894.5105.466.40.80-
Sacramento St.201696.7108.469.10.90-
South Alabama201094.2104.266.70.90-
New Hampshire200894.9107.367.110-
Illinois Chicago2014100109.366.410-

Compiled by Bart Torvik from sacred data and secret formulas.