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Most similar efficiency profiles to Charleston Southern 2018 since 2008

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Adj OAdj DAdj T
Team Year Adj O Adj D Adj T Sim Seed Rd
Charleston Southern 2018 98.9 106.6 67.4 - -
Southern Utah201296103.564.10.20-
La Salle201697.9106.767.20.60-
St. Francis PA201596.1103.7630.70-
Eastern Illinois201597.8104.863.10.80-
Eastern Washington200995.5103.865.110-
Central Michigan200996.6104.464.31.10-
Western Carolina200896.1104.465.61.20-
Stony Brook201799.4104.967.41.20-

Compiled by Bart Torvik from sacred data and secret formulas.