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Most similar efficiency profiles to St. Francis PA 2019 since 2008

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Adj OAdj DAdj T
Team Year Adj O Adj D Adj T Sim Seed Rd
St. Francis PA 2019 108.3 107.8 71.6 - -
Colorado St.2009106.1106.467.40.60-
La Salle2017109107.169.61.30-
North Dakota St.2012104.8105.266.41.50-
South Dakota St.2017108.3109.468.81.516R64
UNC Asheville2008104.5106.867.21.50-
Loyola MD2008104.7106.167.81.50-
Austin Peay2010102.9106.967.51.60-

Compiled by Bart Torvik from sacred data and secret formulas.