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Most similar efficiency profiles to UMass Lowell 2019 since 2008

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Adj OAdj DAdj T
Team Year Adj O Adj D Adj T Sim Seed Rd
UMass Lowell 2019 101.8 110.3 74.2 - -
UNC Asheville200998.8110.570.20.70-
Appalachian St.200999.7109.370.60.70-
Tennessee St.200999.1111.470.50.90-
Youngstown St.2017101.2112.473.10.90-
Chicago St.200899110.672.310-
Sacred Heart201398110.368.41.20-
Delaware St.201598.411168.31.30-
Northwestern St.201799.3113.272.51.40-
Gardner Webb200998.6107.470.51.50-

Compiled by Bart Torvik from sacred data and secret formulas.