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Team Totals

Minimum No. of attempts:
At the rim:
Other twos:
All kinds:

2020 Player Play-by-Play splits

Dunks At the rim Other twos Threes TOT
Player Team Conf Tot Tot FG% Share Ast'd Tot FG% Share Ast'd Tot FG% Share Ast'd Ast'd
1 Obi Toppin Dayton A10107-115167-20282.752.268.946-10344.726.656.532-823921.293.869.8
2 Trey Landers Dayton A1013-1693-12077.553.667.714-403517.964.320-6431.328.610072.4
3 Chase Johnson Dayton A109-915-1788.270.886.74-757.129.21000-000089.5
4 Ryan Mikesell Dayton A106-858-8270.739.663.818-3748.617.938.923-8826.142.58764.6
5 Ibi Watson Dayton A105-640-5770.22632.523-4551.120.526.146-11739.353.473.948.6
6 Jordy Tshimanga Dayton A105-522-2781.552.959.112-245047.1750-000064.7
7 Jared Becker Dayton A101-11-11001001000-00000-0000100
8 Jalen Crutcher Dayton A101-151-915629.121.624-5345.316.912.572-16942.65469.443.5
9 Jhery Matos Dayton A101-14-944.418.4751-911.118.4012-3138.763.383.376.5
10 Drew Swerlein Dayton A100-00-00000-00000-1010000
11 Camron Greer Dayton A100-01-11001001000-00000-0000100
12 Christian Wilson Dayton A100-01-110016.71000-00003-56083.3100100
13 Dwayne Cohill Dayton A100-013-2259.140.753.89-185033.333.35-1435.725.98051.9
14 Rodney Chatman Dayton A100-033-6848.536.424.26-1931.610.2036-1003653.569.444

Compiled by Bart Torvik from publicly available data.