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Team Totals

Minimum No. of attempts:
At the rim:
Other twos:
All kinds:

2021 Player Play-by-Play splits

Dunks At the rim Other twos Threes TOT
Player Team Conf Tot Tot FG% Share Ast'd Tot FG% Share Ast'd Tot FG% Share Ast'd Ast'd
1 Omar Payne Florida 7 SEC26-3042-5280.891.278.62-5408.8500-000077.3
2 Scottie Lewis Florida 7 SEC6-629-4170.73244.814-4332.633.67.114-4431.834.492.947.4
3 Colin Castleton Florida 7 SEC24-2683-11870.360.556.635-7646.139200-100.5045.8
4 Anthony Duruji Florida 7 SEC23-2940-586938.262.517-5530.936.229.410-3925.625.77055.2
5 Tre Mann Florida 7 SEC0-046-7759.725.217.447-11142.336.34.347-11839.838.631.917.9
6 Tyree Appleby Florida 7 SEC0-039-785036.810.319-503823.65.330-8435.739.666.728.4

Compiled by Bart Torvik from publicly available data.