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Team Totals

Minimum No. of attempts:
At the rim:
Other twos:
All kinds:

2021 Player Play-by-Play splits

Dunks At the rim Other twos Threes TOT
Player Team Conf Tot Tot FG% Share Ast'd Tot FG% Share Ast'd Tot FG% Share Ast'd Ast'd
1 Trendon Watford LSU 8 SEC4-488-12371.534.72564-17436.849.217.218-5731.616.166.726.5
2 Javonte Smart LSU 8 SEC2-253-8463.123.922.639-9441.526.75.170-17440.249.444.327.8
3 Cameron Thomas LSU 8 SEC3-352-8164.216.221.283-21039.542.120.568-20832.741.776.539.4
4 Darius Days LSU 8 SEC3-357-747731.250.914-3342.413.95052-1304054.994.269.1
5 Josh LeBlanc Sr. LSU 8 SEC15-1633-4573.383.360.63-933.316.71000-000063.9
6 Mwani Wilkinson LSU 8 SEC17-1734-4182.980.461.84-5809.8502-5409.810062.5
7 Eric Gaines LSU 8 SEC4-411-3432.44227.32-1811.122.205-2917.235.86033.3
8 Aundre Hyatt LSU 8 SEC2-219-3357.638.831.69-1752.92033.310-3528.641.29047.4
9 Charles Manning Jr. LSU 8 SEC2-39-1752.958.633.33-65020.733.30-6020.7033.3
10 Shareef O'Neal LSU 8 SEC0-07-107043.528.60-301302-102043.510044.4
11 Jalen Cook LSU 8 SEC0-06-106021.733.38-204043.537.57-1643.834.810057.1
12 Josh Gray LSU 8 SEC3-33-56083.31000-1016.700-0000100
13 Bryan Penn-Johnson LSU 8 SEC1-11-110010000-00000-00000
14 Parker Edwards LSU 8 SEC0-00-00000-1033.300-2066.700

Compiled by Bart Torvik from publicly available data.