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Career stats for Michael Hueitt Jr.

RecruiT-Rank (0-100): 30.8

Yr Cls Ht Player Team Conf. Role G Min% PRPG! BPM OBPM DBPM ORtg Usg eFG TS OR DR Ast TO Blk Stl FTR FC/40 FT 2P 3P
2020So6-3Michael Hueitt Jr.UNCGSCWing G2830.
Conf. games:Conf. games:1729.
Top 100 quality games:Top 100:419.62.313.011.11.9119.829.156.558.72.316.
Top 50 quality games:Top 50:
2018Fr6-3Michael Hueitt Jr.ODUCUSAWing G136.
Conf. games:Conf. games:
Top 100 quality games:Top 100:
Top 50 quality games:Top 50:15.0-0.7-3.7-

2018 Play-by-play stats

DUNKS At the rim Other 2-PT 3-Pt Jumpers
Tot Pct. Tot Pct. Ast'ed Tot Pct. Ast'ed Tot Pct. Ast'ed
0-00% 0-20.0%0% 0-10.0%0% 8-1844.4%100.0%

Michael Hueitt Jr. 2018 Advanced Stats Game Log

11-10 TowsonW, 57–54Did not Play
11-13 @ James MadisonW, 69–53Did not Play
11-16 v. TempleL, 76–656128.721.15050164200000-00-00-00-01-30-00000120+11.714.4-2.7+1.03
11-17 v. Indiana St.W, 62–4450.08.40001800000-00-00-00-00-10-00000010-12.4-10.1-2.3-1.10
11-19 v. DaytonW, 75–67Did not Play
11-25 @ William & MaryL, 79–77Did not Play
11-27 Maryland Eastern ShoreW, 83–4421160.718.76767533280000-00-10-10-24-70-03000180+20.814.36.5+7.612
12-2 @ VCUL, 82–75Did not Play
12-6 RichmondW, 79–60747.710.4001944078000-00-00-00-00-00-00100131-10.0-10.30.3-1.40
12-9 Bowling GreenW, 88–466145.927.550501742600000-00-10-00-11-20-02000130+24.816.68.2+2.53
12-17 @ FairfieldW, 82–77Did not Play
12-22 Norfolk St.W, 61–5030.011.0000000000-00-00-00-00-10-00000000-18.6-11.7-6.9-0.90
12-30β€’ CharlotteW, 89–584276.511.71501500224801300-00-00-00-01-10-01010010+50.429.121.3+3.93
1-4β€’ @ RiceW, 82–75Did not Play
1-6β€’ @ North TexasW, 63–6070.06.4000000000-00-00-00-00-10-00000001-13.8-9.7-4.1-1.60
1-11β€’ Western KentuckyL, 75–68Did not Play
1-13β€’ MarshallW, 82–76887.715.7757500044000-00-00-00-01-20-00100000-1.71.8-3.5-0.53
1-18β€’ @ FIUW, 64–54Did not Play
1-20β€’ @ Florida AtlanticW, 73–62Did not Play
1-27β€’ @ CharlotteW, 88–662221.317.0005791650000-00-00-00-00-00-01000110+35.828.17.7+1.10
2-1β€’ Middle TennesseeL, 66–59Did not Play
2-3β€’ UABW, 65–60Did not Play
2-8β€’ @ Southern MissW, 68–63Did not Play
2-10β€’ @ Louisiana TechW, 82–69Did not Play
2-15β€’ UTSAW, 100–62Did not Play
2-17β€’ UTEPW, 82–334300.03.615015005300000-00-00-00-01-10-00000020+32.721.411.3+2.03
2-22β€’ @ MarshallW, 84–79Did not Play
2-24β€’ @ Western KentuckyL, 88–6620.00.00007100000-00-00-00-00-00-00000010-3.7-5.41.6-0.20
3-1β€’ Florida AtlanticW, 69–64Did not Play
3-3β€’ FIUW, 79–5320.00.0000000000-00-00-00-00-00-00000000-4.3-1.9-2.4-0.20
3-8β€Ί v. Louisiana TechW, 62–58Did not Play
3-9β€Ί v. Western KentuckyL, 57–49Did not Play

Michael Hueitt Jr. 2018 Offensive Skill Curve