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Career stats for Bo Hodges

RecruiT-Rank (0-100): 0.0

Yr Cls Ht Player Team Conf. Role G Min% PRPG! BPM OBPM DBPM ORtg Usg eFG TS OR DR Ast TO Blk Stl FTR FC/40 FT 2P 3P
2022Sr6-5Bo HodgesButBEPF/C24.1-0.6-4.7-5.00.362.134.127.327.321.340.511.
Conf. games:Conf. games:211.5-0.5-4.7-5.00.362.235.627.327.321.141.410.
Top 100 quality games:Top 100:13.7-0.2-9.1-5.9-
Top 50 quality games:Top 50:14.9-0.2-9.1-5.9-3.265.330.933.333.39.539.
2021Sr6-5Bo HodgesButBEWing F925.61.00.8-0.00.887.622.239.940.
Conf. games:Conf. games:725.
Top 100 quality games:Top 100:826.80.90.2-
Top 50 quality games:Top 50:321.6-0.5-5.2-3.1-2.171.423.138.536.44.517.411.
2020Jr6-5Bo HodgesETSUSCWing G3074.
Conf. games:Conf. games:1773.21.61.9-0.52.499.122.547.350.83.620.414.718.
Top 100 quality games:Top 100:483.
Top 50 quality games:Top 50:
2019So6-4Bo HodgesETSUSCWing G2755.
Conf. games:Conf. games:1866.
Top 100 quality games:Top 100:957.80.4-3.0-1.9-1.183.723.939.241.45.811.315.
Top 50 quality games:Top 50:573.71.5-0.9-0.2-0.793.721.744.246.24.515.412.720.
2018Fr6-4Bo HodgesETSUSCWing G3152.
Conf. games:Conf. games:1753.
Top 100 quality games:Top 100:752.5-0.8-2.8-3.30.574.017.530.030.07.911.08.911.52.42.415.63.52-7.28612-39.3081-6.167
Top 50 quality games:Top 50:225.0-0.8-4.8-

2021 Play-by-play stats

DUNKS At the rim Other 2-PT 3-Pt Jumpers
Tot Pct. Tot Pct. Ast'ed Tot Pct. Ast'ed Tot Pct. Ast'ed
3-3100.0% 13-3141.9%38.5% 5-2123.8%0.0% 9-2733.3%88.9%

Bo Hodges 2021 Advanced Stats Game Log

11-25 Western MichiganW, 66–62Did not Play
12-16β€’ @ VillanovaL, 85–66Did not Play
12-19 v. IndianaL, 68–60Did not Play
12-21 Southern IllinoisL, 76–73Did not Play
12-23β€’ ProvidenceW, 70–64Did not Play
12-30β€’ @ ProvidenceL, 71–55Did not Play
1-2β€’ @ Seton HallL, 68–60Did not Play
1-6β€’ GeorgetownW, 63–55Did not Play
1-9β€’ ConnecticutL, 72–60Did not Play
1-12β€’ @ St. John'sL, 69–57Did not Play
1-16β€’ CreightonW, 70–66Did not Play
1-19β€’ @ DePaulW, 67–53Did not Play
1-26β€’ @ ConnecticutL, 63–51Did not Play
1-30β€’ XavierL, 68–552784.528.736363301002100-03-52-75-120-21-31012152+
2-2β€’ @ MarquetteL, 70–6739117.625.44647851496000-02-61-43-102-33-68100392+
2-6β€’ DePaulW, 68–583191.722.5334420221728491-11-21-22-40-23-42323464+5.0-0.45.4+2.07
2-9β€’ St. John'sW, 76–7341105.617.856589151325001-12-50-02-52-42-33300354+0.2-0.30.5-0.912
2-13β€’ @ GeorgetownL, 78–633487.617.45050026710251-13-60-13-72-50-01111053-0.6-0.3-0.3-1.312
2-17β€’ MarquetteL, 73–571542.625.92020791631400-00-21-21-40-10-01210112-13.2-10.3-2.9-3.62
2-21β€’ @ XavierL, 63–51Did not Play
2-24β€’ Seton HallW, 61–52Did not Play
2-28β€’ VillanovaW, 73–6121102.420.86045121080300-00-00-10-12-41-61010221+
3-6β€’ @ CreightonL, 93–73Did not Play
3-10β€Ί v. XavierW, 70–6928112.915.74243510140340-01-20-11-31-31-22011121+
3-11β€Ί v. CreightonL, 87–562429.327.911114231837300-01-30-31-60-30-02410130-20.3-13.3-7.0-8.72

Bo Hodges 2021 Offensive Skill Curve