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Career stats for Jomaru Brown

RecruiT-Rank (0-100): 0.0

Yr Cls Ht Player Team Conf. Role G Min% PRPG! BPM OBPM DBPM ORtg Usg eFG TS OR DR Ast TO Blk Stl FTR FC/40 FT 2P 3P
2022Sr6-2Jomaru BrownEKUOVCN/A76.42.597.532.12.512.520.920.70.22.8
2021Jr6-2Jomaru BrownEKUOVCCombo G36.01.4-4.2-3.2-1.092.729.743.349.61.614.
Conf. games:Conf. games:12.3-2.4-22.2-13.6-8.646.921.420.
Top 100 quality games:Top 100:129.41.4-1.1-2.41.386.631.830.840.33.523.133.718.
2020So6-2Jomaru BrownEKUOVCCombo G3174.51.3-2.3-1.3-1.084.736.842.247.92.312.721.422.80.53.339.13.5146-195.749149-364.40941-135.304
Conf. games:Conf. games:1876.
Top 100 quality games:Top 100:469.4-0.7-4.5-2.2-2.464.338.334.436.31.616.832.625.40.91.520.32.97-13.53810-42.2388-22.364
Top 50 quality games:Top 50:251.3-2.0-16.1-8.6-7.549.040.531.031.92.311.
2019Fr6-2Jomaru BrownEKUOVCCombo G2961.41.40.1-0.30.595.428.949.052.72.411.118.719.80.33.939.64.892-134.687113-233.48535-105.333
Conf. games:Conf. games:1870.81.90.3-0.00.498.928.449.854.52.710.115.719.20.23.944.84.375-103.72880-164.48823-66.348
Top 100 quality games:Top 100:969.51.0-3.1-2.9-0.384.129.644.548.61.911.014.723.50.04.339.04.831-46.67439-84.4649-34.265
Top 50 quality games:Top 50:563.50.7-3.2-2.6-0.680.729.

2021 Play-by-play stats

DUNKS At the rim Other 2-PT 3-Pt Jumpers
Tot Pct. Tot Pct. Ast'ed Tot Pct. Ast'ed Tot Pct. Ast'ed
0-00% 4-666.7%0.0% 6-1637.5%16.7% 2-825.0%100.0%

Jomaru Brown 2021 Advanced Stats Game Log

11-25 v. North FloridaW, 80–67Did not Play
11-27 v. Charleston SouthernW, 60–50Did not Play
11-30 @ XavierL, 99–962587.430.431403273220400-00-04-104-100-34-45320143-1.1-2.41.3-1.112
12-2 @ USC UpstateW, 95–7822124.828.967670123115400-03-42-45-82-42-34220034+
12-7β€’ Morehead St.W, 71–681946.422.72034011039000-01-20-21-40-12-20300011-22.2-13.5-8.7-7.64
12-14β€’ @ Morehead St.L, 75–62Did not Play
12-22 High PointW, 86–67Did not Play
12-30β€’ Eastern IllinoisW, 69–61Did not Play
1-2β€’ @ Austin PeayW, 80–75Did not Play
1-7β€’ Jacksonville St.W, 69–66Did not Play
1-9β€’ Tennessee TechW, 90–80Did not Play
1-16β€’ @ Eastern IllinoisW, 93–85Did not Play
1-21β€’ Tennessee MartinW, 113–73Did not Play
2-2β€’ @ Jacksonville St.W, 86–82Did not Play
2-4β€’ Austin PeayL, 94–79Did not Play
2-6β€’ Murray St.L, 76–64Did not Play
2-8β€’ @ SIU EdwardsvilleW, 78–74Did not Play
2-11β€’ @ BelmontL, 92–74Did not Play
2-13β€’ @ Tennessee St.W, 93–73Did not Play
2-15β€’ @ Tennessee TechW, 83–72Did not Play
2-18β€’ @ Tennessee MartinW, 89–72Did not Play
2-20β€’ @ Southeast Missouri St.L, 94–72Did not Play
2-22β€’ @ Southeast Missouri St.W, 87–65Did not Play
2-25β€’ BelmontW, 81–67Did not Play
2-27β€’ Tennessee St.W, 89–84Did not Play
3-4β€Ί v. Austin PeayW, 70–67Did not Play
3-5β€Ί v. Morehead St.L, 67–64Did not Play